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Sharpen your reporting and analytical skills and create compelling insights


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Master techniques to help you create, share, and deploy applications in your organization

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Explore a diverse range of analytical content modules covering all skill levels


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Develop a custom learning plan tailored to your needs


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Test your knowledge to receive a quick assessment on your skill level

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Review comprehensive Power BI showcase models and reports available for download

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Leverage our productivity and collaboration tool for Power BI users

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Get support for your projects and collaborate with our expert community

Power BI Challenges

Get involved in the world's best project-based learning initiative for Power BI

Power BI Accelerator

Join our 10-week accelerator program to rapidly increase your analytical skills

Virtual Events Program

Join unique conversations and workshops, dedicated to the implementation of Power BI

Analytics Pulse Survey

Implement a constant feedback loop to assess if your data culture goals are being achieved

Readiness Assessment

Assess your organizations readiness to build a data culture and deploy Power BI successfully

Deployment Survey

Assess your deployment requirements around data management and insights distribution

Enterprise DNA Certification

Showcase your mastery of high-quality analytical development work in Power BI

EDNA 1.0

Enterprise DNA's bot. Ask anything about Power BI or Enterprise DNA and she'll assist you.

Upcoming Courses

New course lineup starting soon with new features and tools around Power BI and DAX


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Power BI Report Optimizer

Get fast recommendations on how to improve your Power BI models and report

Data Model Advisor

Get advice on how to improve and optimize your data model

Power BI Documentor

Improve the governance of your Power BI deployment with better documentation


MS Certification Guidance

Get tailored content around various and relevant Microsoft certifications

Designer Template

Power BI Designer Templates

Leverage our report design templates to speed up development


Power Platform Starter Kits

Kick start your enterprise application development with our templates

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Access supporting Power BI technologies at discounted rates from our partners

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Custom reporting for our Center of Excellence partners